Let's work together!

There are few things I love more than sharing what has worked--and what hasn't--in my classroom.Please contact me at if you are interested in bringing me to your conference, district, or school for professional development!

Some topics I can help with include:

  • Project-Based Lanaguage Learning (PBLL)
  • Student choice and empowerment
  • Positive performance assessment
  • Inquiry and authentic resources
  • Blogging for students and teachers
  • Web 2.0 resources and applications
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Music and motivation.

PS: SCOLT will PAY for us to hang out if you are in NC!

PBL Building Blocks

Design a PBL unit that builds on your students' interests and abilities to connect them with meaningful real-world target language goals. Collaborate to design engaging questions, develop expectations for final products and presentations, and explore how to scaffold the language and communication skills necessary to 

  • 1-3 hour introductory session
  • 6-8 hour planning workshop


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