Back to Basics

I over planned my first two weeks at my new school. You would think that over planning meant I was also over prepared, ready to handle anything they threw at me. In reality, though, it ended up being quite the opposite. It was only when I scaled WAAAAY the heck Read more…


Mascota Especial

I’ve failed at Persona Especial. I can think of nothing more admirable and relevant and beneficial than making your students your curriculum. But as I have failed at becoming Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell in the past, I have failed at becoming Bryce Hedstrom. I run out of patience and so do the Read more…


10 Songs for Spanish Class for 2018

Music is the magic bullet for all language learning. Whether it’s my daughter’s endless loop of counting and color and Christmas songs from her bilingual kindergarten classes or Sr. Wooly songs that end up in student presentations about the music that best represents them (“Puedo ir al baño”–not even kidding), Read more…