14 March 2018


The surest way to make language learners SEE the value of a language is to give them real opportunities to USE the language. That's why I think the 5th C is probably the single most essential C. Without Community, there is no REASON for language learning. So in tomorow's #langchat, we'll be talking about ways to get community into your classroom--and maybe to get your classroom into the community too!

And when we're talking about community, we're not just talking about the occasional guest speaker from another country.

Community is target culture AND language learners.

Community is guest speakers, groups, and class connections.

Community is partners and participants, sideline coaches and expert judges.

Community is local employers, professors, friends, parents, and even former students!

You can connect with community asynchronously or in the same room at the same time!

So join us on Twitter at 8pm ET, 5pm PT by searching the #langchat hashtag to share your experiences with breaking down the barriers between class and community--good and bad! And tap into our Professional Learning Network's collective creativity to get more ideas to open up your classroom to the world.

Here are a few links to ways I've connected with local and global communities in the past:

And here are the questions for you to begin thinking about what you know and want to know!

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