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Flipgrid for Managing “Puedos” Starters

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I start my class with “Puedos” almost every single day. It makes for an active start to class that also gives me a little time to take attendance and get situated while making sure students can do some basics like pronounce tricky vocabulary, conjugate some essential verb forms, and answer relevant questions.
Students get about 5-10 minutes a day for a week to get everything checked off and then have me spot check a few for each of them. This is plenty of time for them.
It is not for me.
Enter Flipgrid.
I still collect everybody’s Puedo sheets at the same time, but then I have a whole grid just for Puedos (paid version: TOTALLY worth it), and I make a new Puedo Topic each week (which you could totally do with the free version too).
To set up each Topic for my Puedos grid, I
  1. Upload a photo of the week’s Puedo sheet as the photo for the Topic. Each week is a different color to help kiddos tell them apart, but it’s also there because, well, I collected their sheets, and they’re going to need a reference.
  2. Indicate three tasks from the list in the Topic description for them to demonstrate for your spot check. I usually try to get a good mix of tasks that I think they should definitely be able to do but will also need to use a lot.
  3. Post the link to Classroom! 
For some more tips on managing and grading Puedos (perhaps with the help of enterprising six-year-olds), check out my Classroom Tips video below!



Laura Sexton is a passion-driven, project-based language educator in Gastonia, North Carolina. She loves sharing Ideas for integrating Project-Based Learning in the world language classroom, including example projects, lessons, assessment tips, driving questions, and reflection.