05 February 2018

#FlipgridFever! Language Connections

Did you know that Flipgrid has a place for you to find and share connections?? There are so many ways you can learn and share with other languages! So not only did I take it upon myself to post my Mejor Yo grid, I made sure Maris posted her more general Spanish grids for levels 1 and 2 as well!

And then I went hunting.

Basically I went through all 13 pages under Global Grid Connections looking for

  1. grids tagged as "Language" grids that
  2. were actually world languages and not language arts,
  3. had at least a couple of videos,
  4. did not require a password, and
  5. were geared toward intermediate and below 
(A girl's gotta draw the line on her obsessive grading distractions somewhere, and since I'm never teaching 4, 5, or AP, it seemed a reasonable place to start.)

So for your connection pleasure--and because I seriously think I could refresh my high school French and German poking around these grids, and maybe finally start to pick up some ASL--I have collected links to all of these novice/intermediate grids for ASL, German, French, and Spanish!

Some of these grids are some simple greeting practice grids, some are for specific vocabulary. Some respond to particular speaking prompts or even discuss movies like Bajo la misma luna!

Just think of all of the input and interpersonal scaffolding your kiddos could get by engaging with these grids!


ASL Introductions
Food vocabulary


Deutsch 1
Deutsch 2
Fortgeschrittenes Deutsch


Je me presente
De Pere Oueste/France
French 101
Francais 1 Monsieur Profitt
Francais III
Français à High Point

Español 2 - 1st hour

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