09 January 2018

Flipgrid for Self-Improvement

My dream is coming true! I cannot TELL you how pumped I was to see this post on the iFLT/NTPRS/CI Teaching Facebook group about joining my self-improvement project--which I presented at ACTFL and we are kicking off TOMORROW!

After I quit squealing (internally, of course), my mind started racing through ways we could set this up. Lining up time slots would be too tricky, so asynchronous would have to be the way to go. Should we try a shared blog or Seesaw class? Would we need a padlet board with notes and/or videos?

But then it hit me: FLIPGRID.

How cool would it be to have a grid where students across the country could post on their progress and get feedback and support from peers all around the country?? We could have a topic for each type of goal, and our kids could post weekly updates and ideas, and who doesn't love getting that little rush from a response on social media? PLUS watching each other's videos is a fun, super-relevant way to sneak in a a little more input and authentic motivation from beyond the classroom walls!

Now I'm thinking that some teen-types might feel a little intimidated by the whole my-face-on-someone-else's-screen thing, never mind the using-my-second-language-with-complete-strangers. Honestly the face thing is what kept me from coming down with #flipgridfever sooner than I did. But it turns out they can upload pre-made videos, so why not combine it with Adobe Spark??

I envision this not so much as interpersonal practice, but sort of a scaffolded interpersonal practice that resembles presentational in the preparation, but helps get students confident enough to speak spontaneously down the road, a la small group presentations. I figure these will be scripted or at least semi-scripted anyway.

I'm thinking posts for my kids will need to cover at least these 3 topics.

  1. Progress update
  2. Goals for the coming week
  3. Requests for suggestions
Kiddos from anywhere else could follow the same format OR maybe just respond to other kiddos' requests and goals. Heck, if someone has some kids who could maybe understand my Spanish 2's (or my new amigos in Wisconsin and possibly Iowa and MOROCCO!!--so far) but only say, "¡Buen trabajo! Me gusta tu meta/idea/progreso/pregunta," how motivating would that be for the kids trying to make a change in their lives?  And maybe even some really kindly teachers could post some follow-up questions for them! (Hint, hint, kindly teachers!)

So the Flipgrid and the topics are made, and they are just waiting for some brave souls seeking a "mejor yo" to upload their goals and progress.

I'll go first if that makes you feel better!

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