07 December 2017

Inspired Proficiency Podcast

Ashley Uyaguari is one of my #langchat tweeps and an innovative blogger at deskfree.wordpress.com! There are more and more cool podcasts out there for us language teachers, but knowing that Ashley and Becky(#langchat AND #LangCamp tweep extraordinaire) are behind this one makes me extra excited for it to happen! Find out more about what they're up to and how you can help! I myself decided to go for "Inspiring Team Member" status. 

Do you listen to podcasts?

I love podcasts! Adore them. Political podcasts, comedy, news, education, you name it. I listen to them while cooking, exercising, driving, grading and sometimes even while showering. It’s the perfect medium for the busy person.

If you know me, you know I am also passionate about professional development for World Language teachers. I love sharing my classroom and talking with others’ about theirs. Doesn’t it make sense to combine these two interests!?

Yes! And my friend, Becky was thinking the same thing. We were at ACTFL this past November, and realized we’d both been considering creating a podcast for world language teachers. We thought about it and found that together we could really do it. So, Inspired Proficiency Podcast was born that night in Nashville!

A week ago we launched a kickstarter to get this project running. Please, read the pitch! And consider backing this project. We are looking for a team of teachers to join our “Inspiring Team” and they will vote on content and decisions as we produce this podcast. If we can get 80 teachers to join our team, we can each contribute a little bit to make this PD available to everyone. $25 for at least 10 episodes of awesome conversations and content, is not much. Consider joining us today!

For those of you still reading, here is a little more info on the WHY. I’ve had the privilege of attending and presenting sessions at a variety of conferences and also traveling to do workshops with schools. I get to share my ideas, but also be inspired by others ALL THE TIME. Unfortunately, not all schools have a big PD budget for their teachers and I’ve met teachers who would love to learn more, but feel alone in their practices. 

We want this podcast to add to the amazing communities that exist for world language teachers, and we don’t just want to talk about theories and SLA, there is a podcast for that (which is awesome!) We want to inspire concrete activities that teachers can use immediately in their classrooms. If I’m ever feeling writer’s block for my lesson plans, I step over next door and hear about what my colleague Stel has been doing with her students. And you know what? I leave with a fresh energy to continue on along with more ideas than I have time for! Doesn’t that sound great? Why not share that with a larger community? 

Let’s do this. Let’s create this project together.

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  1. So awesome! I would love to learn more and see how I can contribute. I teach Spanish K-5 at an IB school in Coppell, TX