06 October 2017

Flipgrid for Novice Listening

I put out the call on Facebook and Twitter for some Spanish speakers. I was inspired by a call this summer for Introducciones from hispanohablantes. What an awesome, easy way to collect samples of native speakers for your students to listen to!

However, I have spent many wasted hours and tears trying to assess students with native speaker audio. I gave up entirely in Spanish I last year and started making PowToons and thenAdobe Sparks with my own, familiar voice for them to demonstrate what they could interpret through listening. I also called in my PLN, getting the inimitable Sr. Irvin to talk gaming with me (much as I had done with giving amigos for personalized IPAs in the past!)

Sidenote: yes, I did cut it down to about 5 minutes 
for them before having them vib.

So this year I've been working on making my assessments more AAPPL like, and the reading part was overall pretty manageable. I graduated into combining 3 into a Google Slides presentation to get multiple levels into one assessment without endless click-and-close maneuvers. Now novice-appropriate articles and infografías on just about any topic are out there for the taking. Novice listening? That's a horse of a different color. Or course there's LAITS, and I did use a few of their videos. But you know who's REALLY good at getting novice Spanish speakers to understand them?


So then it hit me! Just like that brilliant pioneer Lauren Richardson put out the call this summer via Flipgrid to collect samples of native Spanish speakers, I could put out a call to Spanish TEACHERS to start building a LIBRARY of comprehensible videos for ALL novices!

I could stick the videos in my little AAPPL Bite assessments! I could link them for some self-directed practice! I could share them with my homies on Facebook and Twitter and, well, everywhere!

This first time I set some particular guidelines to make sure my kiddos could understand:

  • high frequency verbs we'd studied: gusta, tiene, quiere, necesita
  • "very familiar topics": e.g. food likes/dislikes, local/free time activitie
I got teachers from North Dakota to California! I got my amigo Sr. Irvin to chime in again, and I even got some characters from Once Upon a Time to participate! (Seriously, Sra. Garcia--I mean EMMA--is the best!)

Now, before we go much further with #FlipgridFever here, I have to warn you. I broke down and paid for a subscription--but 1) it was totally on sale with a code that Sra. Placido provided and 2) it's all for the greater good.

(PS a new #langchat PBL amiga has a code to get a 45-day free trial!)

You see, not only can I continue downloading videos to create AAPPL Bites I will readily share with my generous video contributing amigos with this paid subscription, but I can ALSO set up A WHOLE GRID just to collect videos on different topics!

So here it is, amigos, my next request:

Problemas e Inventos

I'll be adding more to the Novice Spanish grid throughout the year, and if you wish to contribute to the greater good further--or borrow some videos for assessment or assignment--here is my stash of novice-friendly Flipgrid vids from the first go-round. Enjoy!

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  1. YES. I love this! Thanks so much for continuing to share and work on this idea. I'm so happy that this can be a resource we can work together to build for our students.