16 July 2017

#iFLT17 Tweets - Empowerment from Afar

Going to iFLT last year was one of the most revolutionary professional experiences I have had--right up there with three years of grad school!

However, after a year of lots and lots of traveling, I decided I needed the summer to stay put and process...after one more trip across the equator, of course.

So that's what I've been doing. A little blogging, working on a PBL book...and stalking iFLT from afar, on Twitter and Facebook actually!

What? I'm staying put, AND I'm processing!

I felt all a-tizzy after last year's iFLT, but processing from afar, I feel kind of...empowered. I feel empowered to try passwords and maybe embedded reading. I feel empowered to focus on CI methods that fit with my style, whether I'm better with PQA or storytelling, whether I'm more Grant or Annabelle. I feel more empowered to learn new languages myself!
This badge goes out to
@mjtprs, and @profewernau!

And I feel empowered to empower kids!

Also, I really, really want to see Jason Fritze in action next year in Cincinatti.

So a special thanks to all of the presenters and tweeps at #iFLT17, especially the MVP tweeters that helped me the most! Here are all of the great ideas I got from them.

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  1. It was fun fishing for the iFLT tidbits (and chunks!) that washed ashore. Great post! Your net is full. #PDSurrogates