06 July 2017

5 Reasons You Should Come to My Class This Year

While I would be DELIGHTED to come talk with you and your colleagues about whatever your little hearts desire related to life, language, and all things teaching, what I REALLY would love is for you to come see me and my kids in action this school year. Here's why.

1. Reading only gets you so far

I mean, sure, you could set up your own PBL in the TL at-home correspondence course, poring through blogs and links. And to tell you the truth, webinars are great for getting some questions answered. Still, I for one have to SEE it to work. That's why watching Grant Boulanger in action at iFLT forever changed my life. All the theory in the world did not show me how TCI strategies actually WORKED, but an hour watching him work? Bam, I knew what I had to do. Mind you, it still took a lot of processing on my part to transfer it to my own classroom, but it about halved the trial-and-error time.

I know one o the biggest questions for PBLL is what it looks like day to day, but as eloquent as I may be, it ain't ever gonna really click until you see it. You can see how class starts, how students collaborate and research,

2. Four words: 9 o'clock start time

You see, we at the early college strive to align with the latest research in adolescent neuroscience, acknowledging the success of later start times. Well, that and college course availability pretty much dictates our structure Monday-Thursday (Friday is enrichment day--no classes!) Also, I teach English first every day, so if you're coming for the TL, my Spanish day doesn't even start until noon! What's more is my planning is second period, so we can sit down and chat before classes start AND after school ends! Which brings me to...

3. Mutual brain picking

OK, I admit it. I really want you to come see me so I can sap your brain power. I want you to ask me questions, but more importantly, I want a chance to ask you questions! I mean, we probably won't solve the world's problems with one visit (probably at least, like, three), but when amigas have come in the past, I know we both walked away understanding our practice and our purpose a little better. Also the secret plots we can get cooking--we always come away with ideas to connect our classes for more meaningful communication!

But it also helps to pause and reflect on what you've seen, fill in the gaps, push the boundaries, you know?

4. SCOLT will pay for you to come

Yeah, usually they pay to send their ToY's to talk at you, but working my Sra. Spanglish charm, I got the Powers That Be to say "why not?" to inviting people to come to me! (PS offer only valid in NC, but if you're in Missisippi, South Carolina, Virginia, or Florida, you could also potentially visit these lovely ladies!) Just be sure you fill out this form, take a peek at our 2017-18 calendar, and drop me a line with when you think we can hang!

5. I'm always looking for guest posters

I mean, I'm not looking for a "Sra. Spanglish Is a Liar" post, but honestly I'd consider publishing one--whatever you come away from the experience thinking, especially about your own practice. My son's classmates don't believe I'm famous, so that may or may not factor in for you (you know, the exposure). But really, I think I offer the opportunity as part of the "Come See Me!" package because 1) it is a forum for you to reflect on what you saw that 2) doesn't require you to create an entire blog site from scratch while 3) providing a gateway so maybe you will create an entire blog site from scratch that will continue to enrich my ideas too!

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