19 March 2017

#SCOLT17 I Won!

I will never be the SCOLT Teacher of the Year, but I have to admit, I found success at SCOLT. No, not in a Moonlight kind of way, but more in a Ralph Waldo Emerson way. After all, I have always loved his definition of success.

To laugh often and much

You guys, the dinosaur ATE his roommate while he was trying to sweep. I just...I cannot. I cannot not laugh.

To win the respect of intelligent people

These ladies. They are tops in my books, and to get to hang out with them just rekindles me every time.

and the affection of children;

They really have been pretty sweet this whole trip--and not only to get to the Magic Kingdom today.

To earn the appreciation of honest critics

This lady and all of my awesome #langchat tweeps keep me going in ways they'll never even know. I'm kind of pulling for her and Sr. Howard at ACTFL.

To appreciate beauty, to find the best in others;

I thought of posting the LEGO rose my husband got me in LEGOland after the general session, but I think this group is actually the most beauty I found in one place on this trip. Just the joy and the compassion and the creativity that exude from these ladies...how cool to get to see it all together.

Emerson has a few more descriptors to scaffold success, factors that aren't necessarily evident in one weekend. I think as teachers we all can rest assured that we have succeeded in this respect:

I don't have a conference photo for this one, but there was a student I mentioned in my Teacher of the Year interview, the one who led me to my advice for new teachers that "It is never about you," who gave my SCOLT post on Facebook a like. I gave her my number years ago, and now she's in the home stretch of her junior year of college to become a social worker.

I mean, I didn't win ToY, but I think it's safe to say I've succeeded. I'd be willing to bet every teacher reading this has too.

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