31 March 2017

#FLENJ17 PBL Building Blocks Workshop

I want to help people get started with their first PBL project, but I don't have any one set strategy that I, personally use to get started. Even if I did, the chances of everyone else's brains working like mine are (thankfully) slim.

When I've conducted "building block" type workshops in the past, people have typically wanted to see a few different things:

  • Ideas and examples
  • How everything fits
  • Day-to-day activities
  • Ways to assess effectively
Now, we only get 2 1/2 hours for this workshop, so I definitely cannot guarantee people will leave with all of those things. They absolutely HAVE to have an idea of a project they want to develop before they leave, and we'll take some time to tinker with the rest (because that's really what a workshop is all about, right?). I make only 4 promises for takeaways though:

Everyone will leave with

  1. A Driving Question that is worth developing into a project
  2. An audience to invite to project presentations
  3. At least one text for students to interpret to support project development
  4. A list of language structures--functional chunks--to focus instruction
Now, they may leave with a question or text they poached from their new best friend from the workshop, but they will leave with one. In fact, I am hoping everyone will post their results in the comments here!

4/3 Update: Still waiting on those comments! BUT here are my 10 absolute favorite questions!

  • Is celebrity a blessing or a curse? (Agnes is my new hero)
  • Does social media help or harm people?
  • How did people communicate before social media?
  • Should I go after my passion (music career, being an artist...) or be safe and attend college? (also Agnes)
  • ¿Prefieres usar snapchat o instagram? ¿Por qué? ¿Qué peligros tiene? (Maria)
  • ¿Que factores hay en que una persona llegue a ser popular e la vida? (Ruth)
  • What makes a family? (Bridget)
  • How do athletics influence culture? (Dana)
  • Are zoos bad? (elementary contingent)
  • Why do you dress the way you do?

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