07 January 2017

10 Songs for Spanish Class 2017

Sra. Birch inspired me to post a top 10 list for songs I'm using in Spanish class these days. While I'm not doing coros as I have in the past, we will be doing some musical starters along the way. (Plus I plan to play these on an endless loop so their brains will be hostage to the Spanish FOREVER! MWAHAHAHAH! PS did you know that you can right click on the video and make one video loop over and over? DOUBLE MWAHAHAHAHA!)

Also, I had a little bit of success posting Instagram challenges where the kiddos could get Classcraft points for posting videos of themselves doing something with the week's song and tagging me. I slacked off a little after the first few though, so I have planned three different types of challenges I will offer depending on the song:
  • Dance moves - post a video of yourself singing or lip syncing with the song and doing the moves.

  • Lyrics collage - post a collage or Snapchat story of you and a friend acting out each line with the lyrics on each photo.

  • Theme Sparkpost an Adobe Spark video with inspiring your own photos or stock photos that convey the overall message of  the song with the chorus lyrics.

~Top 10 for 2017~

"Nuquí" by ChocQuibTown (2016)

It's true I can't get enough of this hiphop pop group from Colombia! It doesn't hurt that their most recent single has an endlessly catchy chorus with high-frequency vocabulary! I also made up a little dance to go with it (and had my endlessly adorable daughter demonstrate the moves).

Instagram Challenge: Dance moves

"Duele el corazón" by Enrique Iglesias (2016)

THE hit of the summer, but I'm opting for he lyrics video because A) it looks pretty cool and B) I like being employed (underwear scenes can be skipped in class though). Again, more high frequency vocabulary, impossible to get out of your head, and, you know, ENRIQUE

Instagram Challenge: Lyrics collage

"Sobre mí" by Sin Bandera w/ Maluma (2016)

Did you know Sin Bandera was back??? College me is so excited. So far my students aren't AS excited, but I'm still pretty sure I can get stuck in their heads. Also the vocabulary is still pretty high frequency, but building in complexity. And I kind of liked Maluma's moves, so I spliced them together for dance time

Instagram Challenge:  Dance moves

"Somos uno" by Axel (2015)
They always complain about everything being about love and breakups, so why not something uplifting and unifying? Also super simple lyrics with some plurals practice. So I downloaded the song so the young ones could add their own visual interpretation.

Instagram Challenge: Theme Spark

"Sofía" by Alvaro Soler (2016)

Curiously enough, this newcomer's previous hit (which J-Lo picked up on and spanglicized) is more popular with the kiddos so far, but I don't care. This has been my jam Sra. Birch tweeted it this summer! The vocabulary is still relatively high-frequency, and the repetition and the speed help (object pronouns practice doesn't hurt either!) PS: watch out for booty shorts. 

Instagram Challenge: Lyrics Collage

"Soy yo" by Bomba Estéreo (2016)

I mean, how could I not? This song is almost too easy, but after the variety in "Sofía" lyrics, I think this'll be a nice break. Plus: THE MESSAGE!

Instagram Challenge: Theme Spark

"No soy como tú crees" by Ana Mena (2016)

We're getting a little more complex here, but the cognates should help, and I like shaking up the style. Also with the the Latino pop charts this past year or so it is really hard to keep my super-catchy list updated with chicas, and this one tips the España scale on the list. The kids weren't as into the "official" video as the dance video, so the challenge is kind of a given here.

Instagram Challenge:  Dance moves

"Hasta el amanacer" by Nicky Jam (2016)

Starting Spanish I with this song as a call and response was THE best choice I made last semester. EVERYONE was hooked (including YouTube!). I am eternally indebted to Sra. Whisenhunt for asking me if it was too risqué--which, kind of, yeah. In fact I had a reporter in the room when one kiddo decided to REALLY interpret--no one seemed to mind but me, though. I'm saving this in Spanish II due to lower-frequency vocabulary, also a late treat.

Instagram Challenge: Lyrics collage

"Diferente" by Lasso (2016)

I'm not sure we'll get to this one, but it hasn't actually been that popular, but I figure it'll speak to a subset that doesn't always get spoken to. Plus Venezuela. Plus message. And there are some good cognates and idioms in here (e.g. hay que).

Instagram Challenge: Theme Spark

"Casi nada" by Karol G w/ CNCO (2016)

I seriously doubt we'll get to this one, but if we do, they should be able to handle the lower frequency vocabulary, especially since this was so popular with Spanish I kids just as personal practice and background music. PS I'm going with the lyrics video not just to avoid bikinis, but also CNCO and the simpler lyric version.

Instagram Challenge: Lyrics collage

So that's my Top 10 going into 2017! Also, I'm sharing my playlist here too in case you also have evil plans to get super-catchy songs stuck in your kids, plus it has a few more bonus videos that we've enjoyed this school year.



  1. Thanks for this post! Some of these songs are new to me and are excellent! Great recommendations!

  2. They are great but a bit hard for beginners and overall...7th graders...
    I think i will take ChocQuib Town
    Thanks a lot!!!!

    1. I agree that the whole songs are tough for beginners, but I think whole songs generally are! That's why I only focus on the chorus at any level--gets it stuck in their head to get them to go find more if they want to!

  3. What was your call and response for the Nicky Jam song?

    1. I say "Cómo tú te llamas," they say "yo no sé". I say "de dónde llegaste," they say, "ni pregunté". Me: "Lo único que sé es que quiero" them: "con usted" me: "quedarme contigo hasta el" them "amanecer".

  4. Thank you so much for including your playlist! Nice way to play as background music. The kids love to say, "I know this song." or "I like this song!"