17 December 2016

Top 6 of 2016

Among the most visited posts from 2016, some are policies that I've been implementing but just hadn't put in writing before. Some posts are the direct result of inspiration at #TELLCollab16 his spring. Another was trying to jump on a trend (that turned out not to be as trendy as I'd predicted) and another represents a more metacognitive in my Spanish I focus that has served me well this semester.

Click on the links below to see what hit home for the most people this year!

#1 New Translator Policy

August 22

#2 I Don't Do Standards-Based Grading, BUT...

April 7

#3 Self-Selected Spanish Homework

April 25

#4 ¡Pokemon VAMOS! Pokemon GO! for Spanish Class

July 31

#5 EPIC Telenovela PBL Unit & Final Exam

April 22

August 31

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