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2017 To-Do List

These are not resolutions–I’m still working on my #OneWord for next year. But I am trying to organize what it is I want to accomplish so I don’t end up stuck at the drawing board again. So these are a few goals that I want to start shaping up in Read more…

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authentic texts

Top 6 of 2016

Among the most visited posts from 2016, some are policies that I’ve been implementing but just hadn’t put in writing before. Some posts are the direct result of inspiration at #TELLCollab16 his spring. Another was trying to jump on a trend (that turned out not to be as trendy as Read more…

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Forget about Proficiency

I spent YEARS fretting and fuming about the difference between performance and proficiency and what exactly I was supposed to DO with them. I’d like to give a shout out to my tweeps who put up with this spillage from my inner turmoil, especially Sra, Cottrell and Herr Sauer. And Read more…

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