24 September 2016

#OFLTA16 Presentations

How cool is it that I got to fly halfway across the country for my Saturday morning PD? I mean, I'll miss #LangChat this morning, but I get to physically hang out with some of my PLN amigos I'd only ever tweeted or emailed with before! The price tag? A keynote speech and a couple of sessions.


Sorry, I've been too excited to sleep.

The OFLTA Fall Conference theme is "Navigate the Proficiency Sea," so I went with a marine theme for my presentation.

Then this afternoon I get to talk about one of my very favorite things:

And then it's time to break out the Nearpod for some interactive discussion on Performance-Based Assessment.


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  1. THANK YOU so much for sharing your presentations!! This week we are having Prof learning communities to discuss "I can" statements & proficiency in the classroom! This is so helpful! Small baby steps! ;o)