29 March 2016

What a Time to Teach Languages! [CUE Blog]

I'm excited to have been asked to contribute a language teacher's perspective on technology for the CUE Blog (thanks for the referral, Sra. Rhodes!)
Here's an excerpt:
What a time to be alive! 
The whole world is inside our classrooms every day. I like to pretend it’s me bringing it to my Spanish I and II students, but really, they’ve had it in their pocket the whole time. 
What a time to teach languages! 
There are two things any language teacher needs to do to get students to learn a language: 
  • give them a real, immediate Reason to learn it and
  • make them believe they can learn it.
Technology makes it ridiculously easy for us to do both.

See some of my tips on taking advantage of technology to connect students with an audience and providing feedback in the full post HERE!

Also check out the Spanish version HERE!

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