31 March 2016

#LangCamp Live Lives!

I am going to be SUPER busy this summer. Mexico, conferences, eight-year-old's Shakespeare Camp.

I don't think I can pull off another Google Hangout series like I did last year for #LangCamp Online.

Here's what I can offer, though:

  • an online book study

Book Study

The LangCamp Google Community is always up and running, for anyone who has questions or resources to share. Plus Mlle. Sulewski and I have got about 20 people pumped for reading Keys to Planning for Learning after a particularly invigorating #CSCTFL16 session with Laura Terrill (and then another from Donna Clementi).

Our plan is to go chapter by chapter and

  • post our questions as we go 
  • post ideas and inspirations as we go
  • set up weekly Hangouts on Thursdays for each of the 5 chapters .

Of course anyone in the Community is also welcome to start a Hangout and invite other amigos any time, for any educational topic, too, so #LangCamp Online can live on still through every #LangCamp member.


THIS is what Bethanie Drew (@lovemysummer) of Aventuras Nuevas and I have been dreaming of for YEARS! AND with the intrepid @SECottrell of Musicuentos.com to boot!!

We will have 3 days to put all of our brilliant brains together and come up with  creative and exhilirating--and EFFECTIVE!--plans for next year!
CLICK HERE to register for Camp Musicuentos Southeast!

Get more information on Kentucky and Rhode Island camps from Sra. Cottrell's site (but you know that nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in the mooooorning!)

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