02 February 2016

Spanish Portfolios and VoiceThread Commenting [VoiceThread]

My latest template for student e-portfolios has been working pretty well this year. The students last semester definitely saw the value in it, and this semester's group seems pretty relieved at how easy it is so far, especially since pretty much all of the setup was taken care of the first week or so. 

I've been scoring the first round of Reading VoiceThreads, and I'm reminded of how useful the commenting--and private reply--features are in this process. VoiceThread recently asked me to share just how the commenting features come into play in the students' portfolios in a blog post. Here's an excerpt:

E-portfolios help my students watch themselves grow, and VoiceThread allows them to demonstrate that growth in their reading and writing as well as their speaking and listening— something you just can’t do on paper. Portfolios, unlike tests or quizzes, also help me evaluate not just the depth, but also the breadth of each student’s Spanish abilities.
Everyone else needs to see what these young people accomplish, too. My students start off as baby parrots who can only repeat what I say, but by the end of Spanish I, they’re analyzing documents on Latino demographics and marketing their own inventions to Spanish speakers! I’d say that’s worth showing off. With VoiceThread, not only can Mom and Dad see their Spanish feats, but future employers or college professors responsible for placement and/or credit waivers can see actual samples of their writing in the target language as well as video of their actual recitations, conversations, and presentations.  
But what if my students make a mistake? Like a really big mistake, one that results in zero college credit or a “Don’t call us, we’ll call you” after the interview?

Read more about how comments help with not just feedback, but with demonstrating communicative skills on the VoiceThread blog.

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