01 January 2016

#OneWord: Reason

As in "for a reason." Or "within reason." Having a reason for each choice, an end goal in mind--but also accounting for available resources (time, experience...patience).

In a way, this One Word resolution kind of combines my previous two:

Word for 2014: Prepare
Word for 2015: Less

In order to ensure that I have a, well, reasonable reason for anything I plan--for class or for free time--I will, of course, have to prepare. I will have to...

  1. consider the real reason for the experience, what I actually expect to get out of it.
  2. if I can reasonably expect to reach that expectation through the means established.
  3. alter plans--or expectations--to achieve a goal that is within reason.
And within reason? It usually means cutting the fat--deciding what is really essential and then building backwards from that. In other words, I'll have to PREPARE to PREPARE LESS to keep expectations reasonable and ensure there's a meaningful reason.

For vocabulary.
For projects.
For homework.
For assessments.

For responsibilities I take on.
For family activities.
For travel.
For myself.

For fun.

My reasons need not be professional--or perfect--but I want to make sure in the new year I'm asking myself why I am doing what I am doing before I get caught up just doing instead of being.

My goal is simply to be more intentional about what I do with my time and energy.

I want to make good choices for good reasons in 2016.

1 comment:

  1. Strangely enough my word for the 2016-2017 school year was "intentional" - I write it at the top of each week as I plan in case I forget!! Best wishes for the New Year!