19 January 2016

Más horas en el día: a PBL/TCI story

I was going to write a story about a chocolate diet for the Mejor Yo unit. But after the setup, it turns out all the muchachos wanted to focus on were three types of improvement: time management, money management, and exercise.

So instead of chocolate, the protagonist is looking for more hours in the day to get everything done.

It had been a while since I'd written a story, so I took the steps I followed for my last story, but also with a little more planning, especially with the vocabulary. I picked a few words out from a few different places:
  1. their vocabulary notes
  2. WordReferenced words in bold from homework assignment #1
  3. the blog/infograph for their first IPA of the semester
It's a little difficult, though, to fit all the words they could need, but that's where some of the choice enters in: they can pick the activities they want to make the mad lib as mad as possible.

I've also been working on the presentation of the stories. I gave up on the one-page format several stories back, and I like how they make a little book when I print them as two columns on a landscape page. I had just been having the kiddos write the title on a blank page, maybe with the target structures, maybe an illustration.

I decided in the end that the title page was perfect for three things besides the title:

  1. the target structures
  2. action images like I use for other verb pages in the interactive notebooks to go with the target structures
  3. plus a legend for the class's personalized choices
It looks like this:
The actions are for debe, hay, and son.

(I guess that's Padre Tiempo? Or El Rey de las Horas? I contemplated putting an Egyptian Michael Jackson--Do You Remember the Time? Who else might control the length of the day?)

So here's the story about the quest for more hours in the day (spoilers: there's a different solution than longer days.)

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