28 November 2015

Top 5 of 2015

I resolved to do less in 2015, and I achieved that, partially through Google Classroom, partially through more careful vocabulary and language selection, partially through a carefully designed focus on performance and proficiency. 

Some of it was just deciding to stop while I was ahead.

And so this year, instead of a Top 15--or even Top 14 or Top 13--I present the Top FIVE PBL in the TL posts of 2015.

Appropriately enough, most of them involve doing less.

#1 LMS Heavvyweight Smackdown

I'm a diehard Google girl. I tried Edmodo and loved it. I tried Schoology...and tolerated it. But even though Classroom still doesn't have a gradebook, the easy integration and nifty new tools make it all worthwhile.

#2 Don't Teach in the Target Language

My brain works harder speaking Spanish with my novices than with native speakers. It's an anguish L1 teachers will never know, but it makes language accessible and productive even at the earliest stages.

#3 10 Essential Verbs for Novice Spanish

By recycling these 10 verbs every chance possible--input or output, I've seen less dependence on translators and more flexibility in circumlocution. My kiddos are stringing more sentences together in Spanish I just by keeping these words at the ready.

#4 Syllabus Extravaganza

I love some infographs, and I really love an infograph syllabus. Since I started playing with the new syllabic style (and adding bells and whistles--almost literally), others have taken the idea and run with it. Check out what our PLN has come up with--infographic and otherwise! I collected samples from

and more!

#5 Interactive Notebook Page: Performance and Proficiency

Setting up this ready reference early on has proved useful in directing students' growth. They know where they're headed and what they have to do to get there.

(HONORABLE MENTION -- This post was in and out of the 5 spot in December!)

Conjugation Hand

I don't do much with grammar anymore, but other people do, and it's worth acknowledging that reality and helping kiddos sort their knowledge in a memorable way.

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