24 November 2015

IPA: Marketing to Latinos in the US

I feel a little bad about this IPA.

My kiddos just spent DAYS breaking down a report in Spanish from the Nielsen Company (and frankly they're still not done).

But everything they need? It's pretty much right here, in this infograph and its accompanying article, "Hispanos de EE.UU. prefieren contenidos online en español".

Still, I feel like the labor was justified, because I think one of the things holding performance levels back is, well, the ambush of it all. I purposefully tried to build in more redundancy this time 1) to set the whipper snappers at ease and 2) to actually get them to apply what they're interpreting to their invention project.

from Internet es mercadeo
I did them even one better: I gave them the interpersonal topics in advance AND had them practice discussing similar topics. All with two sections of that Nielsen report. I even went ahead and warned them that that was exactly what I was doing.

The only difference is the exact text and the big conclusive writing at the end.

Interpretive Reading

As with the previous reading IPA, I'm providing the link to the WHOLE article, not just the infograph itself. This worked well not only for heritage speakers, but also for those looking to push themselves and start stretching into intermediate territory (halfway through Spanish I!)

I've had to add a few more levels to the AAPPL scale on the Doc because I have a handful of kids who, according to their portfolios, are already well into intermediate territory! For them and those just shy of Intermediate level performance, I also diversified the Doc for collecting their interpretation a little bit since the first IPA of the year, adding a separate section to enumerate the supporting details that have been keeping some from advancing:

Interpersonal Communication

I'll be pulling students aside one by one for conversation like last time. Once I got in the swing of things, the Google Form wasn't all that useful to me, except that it was pretty easy to alphabetize results at the end. No need for that if I make notes straight in Classroom, right? I know I'm going to be asking about their products and how they intend to connect with the Latino audience, maybe probing about ideas the infograph has that their group can use.

I hope they will feel more comfortable asking questions after the whole Neilsen report set of activities, but I think I will have a more useful role 1) as an arbiter of what they need in their final presentations and 2) as someone a little more familiar with norms among hispanos en los EE.UU.

Either way, I'm sending them the assignment (minus the actual infograph) in advance this time:

Be prepared to ANSWER questions about
  • the mercado hispano report
  • your interview with a Latino consumer
  • the IPA infograph
  • to improve your product
  • to connect with a specific demographic
Be prepared to ASK questions about:
  • Latino demographics
  • your plans for your product
  • your plans for your presentation

Presentational Writing

The writing is pretty straightforward this time: sum it up and figure out how to use it. An email seems like a logical context but...cheaty? I mean I guess I could have had them actually send the emails, and outside a testing-type situation, that would have been ideal. But once again, I was trying to cut down on the temptation to cheat, and, well, that seemed like a pretty open invitation, getting that authentic. And so:
On the paper provided, draft an email to your product pitch teammates with your plan to capture a Latino audience for your product. Explain to your teammates what you understand about the Latino consumer market from all of your research (at least three significant facts). Explain, too, how this information can help your group sell your product.

Between this and the discussion, I will better be able to see what they've actually been able to use--hopefully including their previous interviews and Nielsen research.

And you better believe they'll be ready for product pitch day!

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