23 September 2015

Sra. Spanglish Tech Tips: Vibby

So you want to know how much students can interpret from a video, but you don't have all day. EDPuzzle is cool because it lets students add voice or typed comments, but you know good and well they're not going to understand the whole thing, and you don't want to spend forever fastforwarding just to get to what they know. It would be great if they could just send you the parts they do get with what they think it means.

Allow me to present Vibby.

Students can enter the URL for any YouTube video and highlight only the parts they understand and then add a comment to each highlight to add their interpretation! In fact, anyone with an account can comment, so if you're logged in and checking Vibbies, you can comment with amendments!

Turning in a Vibby

The easiest way for students to turn in a Vibby is just to save their edits and get their Vibby URL to submit to your Learning Management System of choice. Students can also actually download their clipped video and turn in the file! Vibby emails you your freshly clipped MP4 file, but caution: the download will probably get caught in spam filters. 

Unfortunately the comments don't come with the file.

For me, the only reason I have them download a Vibby instead of linking anyway is to add to their VoiceThread portfolios

Portfolio possibilities

I've had students Vibby up two types of videos so far: a coro song and a video from their Genius Hour research.

Caution #2: you do have to use YouTube links, so if YouTube is blocked or restricted, Vibby might not be the tool for you. I was dismayed to find pretty much all of the videos from my coros playlist were deemed potentially inappropriate--all but "Te mueves tú" and "Vivir mi vida". 

With just these two videos, we covered pretty much all of the ACTFL Can-Dos for Novice Mid listening! (I had them select a classmate video from our shared class Google Drive folder for the "courtesy phrases"--short enough not to need Vibbying anyway.)

Now, we've discovered that free VoiceThread accounts only allow uploads so big...for media. We have yet to discover a comment limit! So when adding a downloaded Vibby to a VoiceThread,  I had them
  1. take a screenshot of the video,
  2. add the clipped video as a comment, then 
  3. add another comment with the interpretation.
(Check out this how-to video to see what I mean with steps 1 and 2.)

But then I have an even better idea--what if the image they uploaded for the MEDIA had all the words/phrases/sentences they understood, and then I could just play the Vibby comment while I read the IMAGE?

Other ideas

I'm thinking of trying target language vlogs for group updates with our next project, and it might be useful for students to Vibby the parts they don't understand to communicate with each other between first and second period or from home when absent.

We might also use it for reflection on recorded Google Hangout/Skype calls to reflect on how we can use the information we get from conversations with our partners.

What else would you do with a tool that clips videos and allows comments?

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  1. Hi there,

    I'm Nick, part of Vibby's team, and we're very glad that you've found such a creative use for what we allow people to do with video! Our mission is to take video to the next level, and seeing what educators like yourself can do with Vibby is truly awesome! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or suggestion, we'd love to hear from you :)