10 June 2015

How to Collect Evidence for the NC ASW Portfolio

The North Carolina Analysis of Student Work portfolio is a beast. The process is not too complicated until the Very. End. Of the YEAR. You know, when ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING must be wrapped up. Lucky me, I couldn't even have the system randomly select which students I'd have to submit proof of growth for until exams were well underway #EarlyCollegeProbs.

So there I was on my final workdays thinking, "I picked my objectives, NCEES picked my students. Now what?"

I started listing the assignments I'd assigned that matched each objective on a Google Doc thinking "How brilliant! I'm halfway done!"

Until I realized Student A didn't turn in the assignment for Point 2. Student B turned it in, but in .amr format, which is not an accepted format and pretty much un-convertible. Student C's partner from her video didn't turn in the media release, and Student D actually kind of sounded worse in that particular assignment.

HINT: Keep shuffling students until you've actually reexamined what they turned in: watch, listen, and/or read carefully at least once.

So, yeah, that little stopwatch in the infograph I designed with my Collaborative homies for the ASW process? That should totally be about 5 different steps.

Just remember to sell, sell, sell the improvements and your strategies to achieve them on those narratives!

That being said, I actually am almost halfway done now, so I'd like to share how I set up my submissions in hopes that it makes life a little easier for my North Carolinian colleagues (who have an extra week to get this in that I don't have since I'll be in Peru #SisterCitiesProbs).

1. Create a folder in Google Drive for all things ASW

My ASW folder contains
  • 1 blank copy of the ASW release form
  • 1 spreadsheet of who had turned in their ASW release forms
  • 1 ASW evidence outline Doc
    -headings are objectives
    -subheadings are student names
    -and bullet points are assignment titles (and links)
  • 3 objective folders

Each objective folder contains
  • 3 narrative Docs, 1 for each student (updated as I review each assignment again...and again)
  • 1 supporting documentation Doc with assignments copied and pasted from Google Classroom (or screenshots for the ruleta paper assignment)
  • 3 student folders, with PRE and  POST files

2. Collect everything
Download from Google Classroom/Schoology/Edmodo and convert to accepted formats as necessary (remember that 20MB file size limit! This free compressor they link won't get even a 3-minute video down that far, though. That's where a husband in IT comes in handy--convert to MP3s and no photo release needed!)
Screenshot and edit out names on blog posts in Paint.
Scan paper assignments and media release forms.

As you do all this, re-title each file like so: WL.NH.CLL.1.1 Michelle PRE
  • objective number
  • student name
  • PRE or POST
And drop them in their respective student folders. Me, I have mirror student folders on my desktop with individual supporting .doc documents since the ASW platform is not Google compatible, meaning you'll have to upload from hardware like an animal! #GAFEAddictProbs

3. Copy, paste, upload
Copy the narratives into the narrative slots, upload the supporting documentation to the supporting documentation slot, and upload your files.

So, before we all click "Done" next week, does anyone else in The Upstate have some good tips on getting the ASW stuff submitted?


  1. This information is very helpful. I am an NC Spanish teacher on a modified schedule. I am wondering if you use interactive notebooks and if so, how do you manage them with ASW? I have used them, but have always had students use them as study guides and keep them for homework and such. There are also examples of writing, foldables, etc. in them.

    1. I do use interactive notebooks mostly as references for students, too. I haven't used them for ASW as yet, but I could see where they might be good "before" samples.

  2. HI, i would like to know if there is any way to collect information from just one student after having used google forms and flubaroo for a pre and post test

    1. You could copy that student's line of responses into a separate Doc if you collected their email automatically had them submit their name.