06 June 2015

2015 LangCamp Online!

I'm thrilled to announce our first topic for 2015 LangCamp online!

That's right, folks! On July 1st, at 8:00 PM Eastern Time, we're talking Authentic Resources!

  • How do you find good resources? 
  • How do you know what a good resource is? 
  • And what do you do once you've got a good resource?

Now Google Hangouts are awesome for connecting in real time with anyone anywhere. But there are a few catches.

Every single person who's ever joined in #Langchat PLUS their whole department PLUS their friends, families, and neighbors can watch the Hangout using this link. HOWEVER only TEN people can actually participate in the video component of the Hangout (if you need an invite, hit me up on the LangCamp Google Community).

Of course you can still ask questions and make contributions using the Q&A app on the Hangout, and you can watch the video of our Hangout--and all once and future Hangouts--any time on my YouTube channel or on our LangCamp wiki archives!

But we are going to NEED a few curious and/or brilliant folks to step up and join in the Hangout itself. I'm not talking to myself for an hour, people. Also, I'm all for PD in your PJs, but just be sure your PJs are PG, as we will be recording for posterity and the edification of all.

If you want to take part in a LangCamp Hangout, but that Wednesday is just no good for you, or you still feel a little wobbly on the topic of authentic resources, rest assured that there will be NINE MORE HANGOUTS in July!

But I need your help.

We've got enough feedback to start scheduling Week 2 of the LangCamp Hangout series, but Week 3, Week 4, and Week 5 are looking pretty sparse. I know, I know, we all need some vacation time--I'll be hitting the beach myself somewhere between Week 4 and 5 and might need to tap some other LangCamp moderators--but if you want to see some more topics or get some more ideas, I gotta know when.

And I gotta know by June 10th to start setting up topic votes.

Hangouts aside LangCamp is online 24/7 on the Google Community, throughout the summer and beyond! Post any questions or ideas you have to connect with some of the brightest minds in our field day or night!

And let us know: what do you want to talk about this summer?

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