ForAllRubrics: Proficiency Badges Made Easy

ForAllRubrics has helped refocus students’ attention on proficiency and learning. Sure, there’s still a little grade grubbing here and there, but now instead of requests for extra credit, I get requests to redo and fix–to demonstrate proficiency! Now students talk in terms of Novice Mid and Intermediate Low instead of ABC or 9/10 Read more…

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Local LangCamp

We have yet to pull off a face-to-face LangCamp to get our LangChat compañeros together to plot and plan over the summer. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have our own LangCamp parties close to home! I think North Carolina’s Analysis of Student Work portfolios for teacher evaluation are pushing Read more…

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Why I Need More Verba Packs

Verba was one of the most exciting misiones we’ve had in Classcraft so far. When I gamified Genius Hour for the end of the semester, I set up about 10 misiones or “eventos aleatorios” for us to start each day. In one misión, the student with the most Action Points on each Read more…

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Personalized Genius Hour IPA Final

Each of my students gets his or her very own personally tailored final exam this year. Students have spent the last three weeks prior to exams rounding up resources (infographs, articles, videos, and contacts–to say nothing of the Pinterest pins and Diigo list from earlier in the Genius Hour process) and Read more…

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