08 March 2015

Free PD: Twitter Takeaways #Scolt15 and #CLTA15

I attended #SWCOLT15 and #FLENJ15 in my pajamas last week. This weekend, it was #SCOLT15 and #CLTA15.

#SCOLT15: So much to learn about proficiency, project-based learning, plus connections, comprehensible input, and tech and culture!

Bob Patrick's tips on comprehensible input (with some sidenotes from Thomas Sauer) and Clarissa Adams Fletcher tweets what we need to know about proficiency and how to build it (hint: relationships)

Edee Heard shares secrets to success, Ellen Hart wonders about so-called digital native digital skills, Carmen Agra Deedy's storytelling brings down the house, great tech tools, ToY tips from Nicole Naditz, flipping out, and much more.

Effective discipline with Nancy Valdes, interculturality as tweeted by Linda Egnatz, the most important connections with Juan Carlos Morales, purposeful communication, and never enough PBL

I think a lot of my tweeps were tied up presenting at #CLTA15, but I still got some great pointers about art and acquisition from Don Doehla and Greta Lundgaard and then some stirring questions from Nicole Naditz!

Next week, free PD from #CSCTFL15?

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