08 February 2015

Libros para Amiguitos: Novice Mid/High IPA #2

I assessed my students' proficiency in interpretive reading, interpersonal speaking, and presentational writing earlier in the semester with their first Integrated Performance Assessment. I think we're all feeling pretty good about their reading about now (although some need a little work on their portfolio evidence still), so I'm switching out reading for listening, which was one factor that made my hunt for authentic resources a little trickier. The other factor was the stage where they are in their project.

Selecting Materials
At this point, after a solid week of working on their projects with whatever book/books they're using, it would be pretty unfair to introduce my kiddos to find even more perfect books. However, it would help to make sure that they're including what kids need to succeed in learning to read in Spanish. Finding a video on that topic was tricky, and especially one with level-appropriate language in small enough chunks. I went through several, but landed on this one:

Interpretive Listening
I'm especially excited about the listening component this time, because during our last app smackdown for Pinnacle, my amiga Shelley introduced us to EDPuzzle--the perfect tool for demonstrating listening comprehension! Not only can I insert questions throughout the video, so the listening task is divided appropriately for my novices, but I could add audio notes too to help differentiate for those barely in the Novice Mid range, so I could differentiate a bit guarantee that everyone would have something in Spanish they could piece together, while still being exposed to language from a native speaker for native speakers!

I posted six questions using EDPuzzle (whose support staff is AMAZING by the way--ask and ye shall receive--even on the weekend!) at key junctures throughout the video and also a spot to list words and phrases students were able to catch--either from my audio notes or the speaker. (I DO love how the IPA format gives credit for what you know, rather than penalizing for not reading minds!) We'll review the differences between levels we discussed with interpretive reading beforehand so students will remember to string together as much as they can. The last question also kind of ties together the overall meaning, for those aiming for Novice High or Intermediate Low this time.

Interpersonal Speaking/Listening
As before, students will be submitting 1-3 minute videos of them talking with their partners about what they interpreted and relating it to their own projects. (Still emphasizing recommended Essential Verbs too)

1. With your partner, explain one tip Consuelo Cuevas says you CAN do that will make kids LIKE books.
2. Explain if you HAVE this element in your project already or what you WANT to do to incorporate it.
3. Express agreement with your partner's ideas or other suggestions you CAN do.

Presentational Writing
Think about how you want your final product for the Amiguitos project to end up. Create an ad (in Canva or Google Drawings) to convince parents how your completed project CAN help their children WANT to read.

I'm eager to see how EDPuzzle works for them and to see how they have progressed in the last couple of weeks, so of course I'll update soon!

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