28 February 2015

Free PD: Twitter Takeaways from #SWCOLT15 and #FLENJ15

I attended two amazing conferences this weekend without getting out of bed! (I mean, I got up for lunch and all, but you get my point.)

While there is no substitute for absorbing the good will and affection of people you admire and hope to emulate, there is something to be said for getting those people to distill the best parts of what they're learning when you can't all be together!

As the kids say, MAD PROPS to @dr_dmd (Monsieur California ToY), @tmsaue1 (Herr Keynote Speaker), and @miprofeAP (Señora ACTFL ToY) for keeping the rest of us looped in on a lot of the good stuff at SWCOLT 15.

Here's what I've gleaned so far:
Thomas Sauer makes us angry with questions without answers, Don Doehla inspires authentic learning with PBL, brain-based learning and growth mindset

Looks like I'll have more learning to do tomorrow too!
Almost missed some great ideas on airtight lessons from Laura Terrill! Thanks to Herr Sauer, the awesome Sra. Parker and Madame la nouvelle ToY de ACTFL Naditz I didn't!

Now, more PROPZZ for @L_Scheller_BIE and @SrtaNRodriguez--even tweeting from her OWN session (which I desperately wish I was in) for filling us in on FLENJ 15.

Here's what I got out of the #FLENJ15 tweets:
Silvia Tolisano brings the world to you, Noemi Rodriguez breaks down movie talk procedures, Kathy Stotler encourages authentic and appropriate interpretation, Dana Pilla gets what's coming to her, and Stephen Krashen talks turkey on motivation

Now, my own regional conference is next week! But, alas, between ACTFL 14 and readying for my first trip to Peru in June (yay Sister Cities!), my travel funds are taxed to their limits.

So Carmen and Clarissa, I'm counting on you guys for more free PD!

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