05 January 2015

Story Form: Storyasking Preview with Google Forms

I know TPRS and TCI usually rely on auditory input first, but my pre-TCI kids who had Spanish I last year are more comfortable with reading than listening (my fault), so I thought I'd introduce the idea of storyasking visually as one of Spanish II's first day fun stations tomorrow. I know I planned to make stories shorter, but I couldn't resist. (I'm open to ideas for streamlining, hinthint.)

So to introduce the storyasking procedure and--hopefully--to get kids to realize how much they remember/know, I made a Google Form version of the first story with directions on how it'll come together:

I'm thinking of glossing a few words in the introduction, too, just to keep the focus on the familiar.

The first question is for the student to enter their own name (and thus receive credit for brilliant ideas come storyasking time), and then I built the story into the questions, with the actual question as the "help text":

I'm trying to cover a fair amount of familiar linguistic territory to reignite the synapses, but primarily focusing on le gusta, tiene, and su as structures go.

The rest is how the story ends, which will still involve questions to reinforce the focus structures come storyasking story time on Friday. Before I ask the story, though, I'll comb through the suggestions to use as examples when I'm asking the story. When the class chooses a suggestion to go with, I'm thinking fabulous prize.

And in case you wanted to know how the story ends:
Pero no. Cuando Papá abre el libro, la chica empieza a pegar el libro como una pelota. Pega el libro y pega la rodilla de su papá y corre y corre y grita y grita como un grande grupo de fans emocionados.

Papá corre del cuarto con su libro favorite y grita a la mamá --¡No puedo más! ¡Nuestra hija nunca va a leer!

Los papás van a su cuarto para dormir, pero la chica grita y grita y corre y corre y pega todos los objetos en la casa como pelota.

Pero de repente hay silencio en la casa. Los papás miran el cuarto de su hija. No hay chica. Escuchan un sonido en la cocina. Van a la cocina y miran su hija. Tiene un libro. Es un libro de recetas.

La chica mira sus padres. --¡Mamá! ¡Papá! ¡Me gusta este libro! ¡Me gusta mucho!

--¡Ay, hija! ¿Ya te gusta leer?

--No, Mamá, dice la chica y toma una página del libro de recetas. –¡Me gusta comer! Y la chica come la página. --¡Los libros son buenos!


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  2. Hola Laura, tú trabajo, esfuerzo, creatividad, entusiasmo y dedicación son admirables. Gracias por compartir. Angel.

  3. Laura,
    Do you have this for Spanish 1? Curious! :)

    1. I haven't tried it yet, but plan to about halfway through this semester!