05 December 2014

Film & Lit Final Project App Smash

From back channels during film viewing to blogging to daily reader response set up on Google Community, iPads have been a key ingredient in my Film & Literature class, but never moreso than in their final video project. Instead of a final exam, my kiddos are working in groups, taking clips from all of the movies we have seen (and then some, if they're feeling froggy), and combining them into videos either on 1) How to make a terrible movie out of a great book or 2) How to make a great movie out of a terrible book. 

They've written blog posts and essays about the presentation of literary elements like plot, narration, theme, characterization, and setting in the books we've read versus the movies we've watched. They've also written an essay on which is better overall, books or movies. This video will be the culmination and an extension of all of that analysis, where my seniors take the presentation beyond the academic and have a little fun with their final say on what we've done.

They have a week left to put everything together, but this is how the process goes:

Video Prep

Find 5 scenes on YouTube to incorporate in the video.

        Embed 5 videos in a blog post and explain how they will enhance your video.

Collaborate with group members on a shared Google Doc to compose the script for your video.

Quote Incorporation

Take a screenshot of each scene you will use and post a corresponding quote from the books over each image.

Record yourself paraphrasing or quoting one of the characters to make their picture speak on YAKiT Kids.

Video Completion

Copy the YouTube URL for your  video to SaveDeo.online and download to your camera roll.

Upload the video clips and YAKiT clips to Loopster to edit in order and trim.

Record your group's lines in front of green paper with the Camera then combine with video clips in Green Screen.

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