16 October 2014

Nip Late Work in the Bud: Google Classroom Contact

Can I just say how much I love some of the features on Google Classroom? For example, there are two numbers for any assignment I create, right there on my stream: numbers for Done and Not Done. I simply click the Not Done column during my 4th period planning or after school the day an assignment is due (or the day before, if they've had a while to work on it) to see who has not turned it in yet. Then I click to check the little box next to Students, click EMAIL, and I send them some variation of this missive:
SUBJECT: ________ due today! Can I help? 
I noticed your ________ was not submitted yet. Is there anything I can do to help you wrap up? Did you have trouble...? 
Remember you can... 
________should be submitted today so that you can...
Please let me know what else I can do to help you complete the assignment!
 And you know what else? I blind copy their parents the same email (Google Classroom automatically makes them all BCC, so I send the main copy to myself).

I do occasionally get some questions back, but more than that? I get assignments turned in--sometimes within minutes of sending the email!

Maybe they just need someone to set off a little pavlovian bell on their phone to remember to hit submit. Maybe the "Remember you can" section gives them the missing piece to the puzzle so they can finish. Maybe the "so that you can" section makes them see the importance of submitting the work sooner rather than later. Maybe Momma lights a fire under them when her phone dings. Whatever the case, I have me some instant documentation if somehow my little reminder doesn't work its magic.

I confess this is not much use where neither child nor parent is attached to a smartphone or other email receptacle. Though that is a dwindling problem, it does still exist for a few of my students who fall behind. But at least it does cut back on the number of people I have to chase down during class so that I can actually attend to the ones who don't get the benefit of the inbox buzz the night before.

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  1. Love this!! I am trying this with my kiddos and hoping it will work.