08 September 2014

#ReflectiveTeacher Blogging Challenge Day 8: What desk drawer?

What’s in your desk drawer, and what can you infer from those contents?

I don't have a desk. I teach at an early college in a college classroom that could house a college class or college event any day of the week, should the course schedule or calendar call for it. I use my cart for my classroom library, and I have a little filing cabinet I can lock up. And I have a podium--which is really supposed to be cleared out daily, and, apparently parallel to the wall with the screen. Who knew? There's so much more room if it's pushed against the wall. But I digress.

I captured what my podium looked like--pre-parallel-stipulation--while immortalizing one of the many times my students have broken out dancing this semester. (Seriously, they do this all the time. I put the coros playlist on as background music, and as soon as they hear "Te mueves tú," the moves we learned from my Spanish boyfriend the first week spontaneously erupt in pockets across the room. They will sing under their breaths along with Marc Anthony and Calle 13, too.)

You can see my phone that doesn't dial out beyond the campus, the computer connected to the SMARTboard (blasting "Vivir mi vida," I believe), a big ol' water bottle that keeps me hydrated (plus one confiscated juice bottle), a few signed syllabi turned in late, my keys and ID, and a cup full of pens, pencils, highlighters, lonely markers, and grown-up scissors. So if we call the podium my desk drawer, it reveals that I...
A) have excellent taste in music
B) am not a "letter of the law" sort of person
C) am perhaps still "developing" in organizational skill
D) have to go to the bathroom a lot
Now if we were to delve into my filing cabinet? Well, you'd probably find evidence leading to much the same conclusions. Plus I subsist almost entirely on Easy Mac, chocolate Poptarts (and use their boxes to store half of my Art Club supplies, from paints to popsicle sticks), and Coke Zero.

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