04 September 2014

#ReflectiveTeacher Blogging Challenge Day 3: The year of the genius

Discuss one “observation” area that you would like to improve on for your teacher evaluation.

Though I've been directed to discuss but one, I find my goal encompasses at least THREE observation areas! This is the year that Genius Hour moves beyond the language department (i.e. me). I have interested parties in the English department and science department, and our math department is exceptionally cool and open-minded (Art Club did zombie makeup for an exponential growth and decay video project, after all). And, well, that leaves history, which is just one amiga!

So this project will definitely cover Element IIIc. Teachers recognize the interconnectedness of content areas/disciplines:

 ...Collaborates with teachers from other grades or subject areas to establish links between disciplines and influence school-wide curriculum and teaching practice.

Yep, pretty much everybody! Plus we recently got a seat time waiver, meaning Fridays are now Flex Fridays: no "academic" classes--all volunteer, enrichment, remediation, focus groups, and clubs! Genius Hour would be a perfect way to make use of enrichment time and tie in whichever disciplines we want!

I've already got the presentation for Element IIId. Teachers make instruction relevant to students:

 ...Deepens students’ understandings of 21st century skills and helps them make their own connections and develop new skills.

In my session at the district Teaching and Learning Conference, we were able to connect just about every single 21st century skill to at least one stage of the Genius Hour process.

Element IVa. Teachers know the ways in which learning takes place, and they know the appropriate levels of intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development of their students.
...Encourages and guides colleagues to adapt instruction to align with students’ developmental levels.
...Stays abreast of current research about student learning and emerging resources and encourages the school to adopt or adapt them for the benefit of all students.

And you KNOW I have some Genius Hour research to share with them, gracias a Joy Kirr!

Element IVh. Teachers use a variety of methods to assess what each student has learned.
 ...Encourages and guides colleagues to assess 21st century skills, knowledge, and dispositions and to use the assessment information to adjust their instructional practice.

We may need to work on the best ways to assess for each department's purposes, but I have to say, my favorite type of professional development is where I get my hands (brain?) dirty, and if my Pinnacle training taught me anything about androgogy, it's that adults want to apply their learning ASAP!

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  1. I still want to try out this genius hour thing some time in the future. I don't think I have a good grasp yet as to how it works in the classroom.