10 September 2014

#ReflectiveTeacher Blogging Challenge Day 10: 5 4 3 2 1

David Bisbal is my man. It's cool. My husband knows. He drove me 13 hours, half of which were in driving blizzard conditions, to see him in concert one Valentine's Day before we were married. He does not, however, like when my son jokes that David Bisbal is his real dad. He does,however, like when he rocks out to "Calentando voy" with his headphones in.
I love manatees. Manatee t-shirts, manatee crossing signs, manatee earrings, manatee greeting cards, swimming with manatees, looking at manatees, manatee videos and photos, talking stuffed manatees, silent stuffed manatees, manatee puppets, manatee statues...all things manatee.
I took 3 years of French in high school and 2 years of German--no Spanish until college, though most of my fluency probably came from interactions with my first husband and his family.
I had brief obsessions with jewelry making and scrapbooking before my daughter was born and still dabble in them occasionally (though I really should get into some classes or video tutorials at least).

I worked at Wendy's for 3 1/2 years through college. I met my husband there nearly 12 years ago.

Go to Spain, especially the south: Al Andalus, La Alahambra, Granada

Get an instructional technology certificate or degree

Learn Arabic and/or Mandarin

Publish something cool, in book form

Students who discover a passion for language and other cultures, other people.
To soak in everything possible in Perú next June!

Laugh: I actually keep a list of crazy things kids say on my board and occasionally tweet them out on my school account.

Cry: students with hurts bigger than they should have to handle.

I need help. I need other people to ground me, to focus me and fill in gaps I miss (or at least point them out--gently--so I can fill them in). I may bristle, but even then I am ipen to suggestions...eventually. 

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