My Daughter IS a Princess

“If I have daughters, I’m going to encourage them to play ‘President’ and ‘Activist,’ and not ‘Princess.” @NicholasFerroni I tried to get my son to play princess when he was little. His cousins actually got him to wear a dress and a crown once. My heart drooped a little the Read more…


Genius Hour Agenda Overview

In my Spanish classes, Genius Hour starts off as a weekly exploration of individual student interests in the target language, where I guide students through different resources and strategies for resource analysis. The purpose is still discovery and exploration, pursuing individual student passions, but I’ve found that if I simply Read more…


Everyone’s a Comedian

My kids in Creative Writing this semester, they’re pretty hilarious, but they lack the polish of a professional stand-up. So rather than a mystery or romance story, we’re working on stand-up routines this week. We started with Jerry Seinfeld’s Pop Tart joke process, mostly because I was searching YouTube for Read more…