Top 14 of 2014

In case you haven’t seen it, my guide to becoming a 21st Century world language teacher is THE SINGLE MOST POPULAR THING I HAVE EVER POSTED. I collected resources from a lot of the big brains around our little Twitter PLN for this page. It’s not a “post” per se, but Read more…

By SraSpanglish, ago

TPRS Genius Hour

The best reason to present at conferences is that people with great ideas come to you. I mean, sure, you get to gather your thoughts on your own work, maybe show off a little, but if you are presenting something, people who are interested in what you’re interested have a Read more…

By SraSpanglish, ago

AAPPL Measures and IPAS

I think tests are stupid. A test can’t tell you how well I do my job or live my life–or anything you really need to know about me. Now, I’m really good at taking tests, and if you were to look at various test scores I’ve accumulated in my life, Read more…

By Laura Sexton, ago

Genius Hour Agenda 4: Prepare

After students have collected a certain amount of information and begun to absorb relevant vocabulary through repeated authentic exposure, they need to start thinking “So what?” I don’t mean we should turn our precious angels into little nihilists, of course. I mean that input is well and good, but it Read more…

By SraSpanglish, ago