30 November 2013

#ACTFL13 Storify Summaries: Friday

ACTFL 2013 in Orlando was my first national conference as a Spanglish teacher, and a presenter. I'd attended NCTE 3 times as a mere English teacher, but those were also in the days before I discovered potty training and Twitter. Suffice it to say, the experience has changed!

In addition to hanging out with my personal tweeps and idols, I got in on some pretty good sessions every day I was there. Here's the rundown from my Friday sessions, in Storify form.

Creating Proficiency Outcomes

PBL in the TL: Combining Problem-Based Learning with Proficiency Goals

I hear PBL in the TL session was awesome, standing room only by the end, but for some reason I didn't get any tweets out during the session...I did, however, get this comment from Andrea on the TodaysMeet for the session, which I like to look at and soak up like Florida sunshine whenever I can:
The best workshop I've attended yet! Just arrived today, but I left your talk thinking, thinking and thinking some more! Thanks so much!

Global Possibilities for Students: Helping Students Reach Their Linguistic Destinations.

Novices Can, Too!

Friday takeaways

Honestly, I wouldn't call anything I encountered Friday new, but these sessions did clarify a lot for me. The proficiency session brought my focus back to outcomes and designing tasks that lead to those outcomes while staying relevant (I am SO doing the tech survey thing next semester!). I MUST make my own GPS app once I've clarified my own proficiency objectives now. And now I know even better ways to find authentic resources on it and ways to help my kids break them down!

For more Friday goodness, see Sra. Witten's rundown over at Flipping My Spanish Classroom!

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