08 August 2012

More High School Spanish Driving Questions

I'm on a roll! Not just workshops, but booths at my new district's Teaching & Learning Conference have inspired still more driving questions. Plus I've been ruminating over how to phrase questions for materials I've used before (with minimal to moderate success but potential somewhere in there deep down). I may have too many choices for project-based units now, but perhaps I could enlist my online PLN to help me narrow them down? (Hint, hint!).

First, previous units:

  1. How do you respond to a medical emergency if the people around you speak only Spanish? (II or III)
  2. How can big cities fight back against gang violence? (with materials) (II or III)

Inspired by Ramona Winner's Global Awareness workshop:

Available on Amazon

Available on Amazon
  1. What would make little kids care about keeping their teeth healthy? (I or II)

    Throw Your Tooth on the Roof has some cool info about baby tooth traditions from Mexico, Costa Rica, the Dominican, El Salvador, Guatemala, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, and Spain (the tooth fair is a rabbit or el Ratoncito--who knew?)
  2. Do home remedies really work? (I or II)

    Los remedios de mi nana (this one is bilingual) might encourage them to tap into their own families' traditions and/or explore homeopathy.
Inspired by booths:

  1. Health Department: How can we, as teenage sons and daughters, help parents of teens reach out to and communicate with their children? (They already have offerings for parents in English AND Spanish!) (I-III)
  2. Health Department: Can teen parents raise happy, healthy children? (II or III)
  3. Botanical Garden: What power does the weather have over our lives? (I--Weather is mentioned specifically in the Common Core.)
  4. Botanical Garden & Farm Bureau: How can food make my life better? (I or II--An excuse for some cooking and science and health class crossovers?)
  5. CaroMont Health: What is the #1 killer of people like me, and how can I avoid it? (II or III)

So that puts my choices for Spanish I up around 15 and Spanish II up closer to 20. I had them narrowed to 10 each before, and I think that is a good number to offer, so if anyone has suggestions on which to sub in or out, I'm all ears!

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