03 November 2011

Pre-bake sale nerves

I woke up an hour before my alarm, anxiety over the bake sale to send school supplies to La Laja in Colombia stalking up and down my brain. I calculated that if every pair from class brings one batch of their goodies, and if every batch includes an average of a dozen servings, and we sell every serving at $1, we will still probably only come up with half.

The good news is that an ESL teacher from a neighboring middle school (also a student's mom) has proposed a "Change the World" change drive for her classes that I might take and run with my own. In the meantime, I have to figure out how to figure out how to get us up to $300 to ship what we collected. So here's what they anxiety has drudged up for me to do:

1. Remember to bring slicing implements along with the saran wrap and dishes to parcel out the goodies.

2. Get mailing labels from the secretary to put nutrition labels on each (calculations courtesy of the Algebra class), perhaps set them up with things like calorias, grasa, carbohidratos, azucar, sal on them.

3. Create a slide show of photos from Ayudando Ando's page to show who we're helping, maybe set it to Juanes' "Odio por amor."

4. Find a computer to run said slide show on while I'm dealing with parents and report cards (and have Sr. Sexton run that!)

5. Hurry and get the thank you's written so we can receive our cameras from Donors Choose.

6.. Contact Zai Cargo about the impending shipment and seek their advice on what to do about the cameras not shipping to us until January 3rd when I should be on maternity leave.

7. Get a couple of humongous boxes to pack all of the supplies we've gathered, then re-weigh them, picking out things that are not up to par (perhaps the garbage bags full of clothes that arrived AFTER the due date for supplies).

8. Put together lessons on nosotros for students to A) write letters about what we're sending, B) perhaps set up "Change the World" begging boxes in Plaza Latina and the carniceria we visited recently, explaining what we need and why, and C) to Skype with the chavitos in La Laja.

9. Make sure we have a table to set up on for the bake sale tonight complete with a student poster to advertise.

10. Make sure I'll have a couple of students showing up by 6:00!

Now, if I can just breathe and get all of this together!

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