23 November 2011


The cameras are all here! The supplies are almost all sorted! If we can get a couple of bigger boxes, double-check inventory, and just get our hands on the memory cards, everything will be just about ready to ship to La Laja in Colombia! That means it is time to plan our introductions to send to our new friends.

There is not much meaningful that Spanish I can say before we are halfway through, especially since we have been focused on vocabulary meant to prepare us for collecting school supplies and a bake sale to ship the school supplies up to this point (lately it's been numbers, which has been very time-consuming to pull off "in context"--though it does have real applications with our donation collections and inventorying at least). So I've been thinking of what students can say and show in the simplest way possible, and I came to nosotros, and all things we/us/our.

The coolest part of this exchange will be being able to see each other's schools and communities--and, well, each other! So I think most of what needs to be communicated will be visual anyway. I'm considering the idea of forming new groups, this time of 5, since we have 5 cameras, drawing up contracts, and letting students film a little at home. Alternatively, we could make videos on the computer using photos that we upload later. If we did the contracts, we could use numbers again to set up what date works best for each group member to record, making a schedule where each only gets the camera from one class to the next. I'm a little worried about responsibility and some group members' ability to get cameras back on time, but I wonder if that could be factored in with the scheduling. And maybe those who cannot certify in writing that they WILL get them back in the allotted time frame will just not get to film their homes/friends/family except at school?

As for the actual language focus, here is what I'm thinking:

I want to see a lot of shots with narration like "Esta es nuestra escuela," so I've brainstormed a list of "our" things the kiddos colombianos might be interested to see:

  • Nuestro salon
  • Nuestros profesores, vecindarios, cuartos, companeros
  • Nuestra escuela, clase, comunidad
  • Nuestras familias, casas
I'd like the groups of 5 to come up with identities--it didn't work so well with the first groups that collected supplies, but maybe if they "choose" (with a few pre-suggestions on my part, of course). This way, they could go back to adjectives from the introductory "Yo soy" glog and do a little more with number/gender agreement! It would also be fun to get some of their personalities in there, though a full description for each of 25 kids would probably take a LOT of time to record and a LOT of memory.

Nos gusta
I'm sure the kiddos colombianos would want to know about our kids' hobbies and interests, but I'm a little wary of all of the vocabulary involved and how long that would take, especially since I'd like to get this shipped before break and before, you know, my water breaks. Maybe if I limit this to 5 things per group? Perhaps 2 activities, a celeb, a food, and a class?

Lo que hacemos
As we talk about money and inventory, we've been dealing with the "we" conjugation already, talking about "tenemos" vs "queremos" vs "necesitamos" (hint: we do NOT have enough money to ship all of the clothes donated!). So this might work in conjunction with vocabulary from nos gusta, but maybe 3 per group? Or maybe we should just work in tenemos, queremos, and necesitamos?

We only have about 9 more class days before break! *shakes fist at alternating day schedule* Our connection at Ayudando Ando has mentioned the possibility of skyping, so what I think I'll do is probably skip "Nos gusta" for now and limit the "hacemos" to the 3 verbs we've been working with. "Nos gusta" might do better for a follow-up anyway.

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