26 November 2011

Imperfect childhood

I'm trying to design a project that would foster a little introspection while reinforcing the imperfect tense and connecting a little to La llaman America.

Almost halfway through the year, we're on page 4 of the picture book,  where America's behavior in her current setting in Chicago is contrasted with her behavior when she lived in Oaxaca. I want my Spanish II students to think back to how they used to be and compare, if not contrast, how it fits with who they are now.

I'm thinking the final product will be a video involving the older self talking to the younger self, as represented by a picture (or more) from their childhoods (maybe even some childhood artwork?)

I suppose those who are certain they have neither baby pictures nor art from before age 10 could substitute clipart?

I already had them ask an immediate family member, a peer outside the immediate family, and an adult outside the immediate family the following questions (of course, not all of them have done it):

1.       What games did I play?
2.       What did I watch?
3.       What books did I like?
4.       Who were my best friends?
5.       What was my favorite toy?
6.       What did I eat most?
7.       Where did I go often?
8.       What is something I said a lot?
9.       How did I behave at school?
10.   What did I get in trouble for?
11.   What did I do well?
12.   What did I have trouble doing?

My plan is for them to then sum up who that kid was with a few adjectives and group at least 15 things they were told they did before the age of 10 under the headings of those adjectives.

Then, they will address that kid. Ejemplo (I asked my dad for how I was):

Tú eras una niña amigable. Tenías muchos amigos en la escuela y visitabas a tus amigas todo el tiempo.  Y no te metías en problemas con tus maestras. ¿Por qué no eres tan extrovertida ya?

I want this to be sort of a mini-project on the way to something bigger (a chain tale book), so I'm thinking 10 points for using the imperfect correctly and consistently, 10 for giving appropriate descriptions and reflections for each set of childhood activities, 5 for including at least 15 activities.

I also plan on giving them options for how to format the presentation:
  • Use a flip camera, cell phone, or personal camera to record video of yourself speaking to your picture.
  • Use Audacity or a cell phone to record just your voice and create a movie using the recording and childhood pictures.
  • Use Audacity, a cell phone, or the “grab” function on Glogster to record just your voice and combine it with a picture or collage of pictures on a glog.
  • Create a Voicethread of your pictures and record yourself speaking in comments on each picture.
  • Create a Powerpoint of your pictures and record yourself speaking directly onto each slide.

I want them to start putting this together when we come back Monday. Am I missing anything? 
(I tried to stick to technologies I've already had them use so as not to complicate things unnecessarily.)

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