In with the old

Find the updated project here This project was not fully cooked when I started teaching it. It’s also lain dormant for at least two years, maybe four. I really did have some good ideas in the olden days, but they do need to be reexamined and revamped to work now. Read more…


Making a mess

One of last year’s more memorable Spanish 1 lessons involved blindfolding students and making them touch slimy things. We are preparing for a bake sale so we can ship the supplies we collected for La Laja in Colombia (hopefully, along with some video cameras to share messages between our students Read more…


Enrichment is a beautiful thing

We had set aside Fridays for remediation during school hours. We tried a few different ways, and students looked forward to Fridays–as do-nothing days. We handed out “invitation” tickets, let them sign up, signed them up ourselves, but still some wriggled away to the wrong sessions…or further. So last year, we Read more…