22 August 2011

Make your own infograph syllabus!

I did it! I made an infograph syllabus! Granted, it's only for English 1, which means I have 3 more to make before Thursday for all of my Spanish classes. But I did it! And I think it will go faster from here on out.

@ejyoung67 inspired me, even if she did have a little help from a pro. But I figured out how to do it semiprofessionally, in a way that is free, but no doubt less efficient.

Step 1: Create in Microsoft Word
Word works nicely because of the clipart, the shapes, the wordart, and the textboxes you can tinker around with. You do want to keep it in the Web Layout view so everything looks nice and continuous.

Step 2: Download Gimp for free
So our fancy new school laptops had NO image editing software, unless you count Paint, and I don't...for something this fancy. But Gimp is free and not impossible to figure out.

Step 3: Create a new Gimp file
In my case, it took some tinkering to figure out I should start with 800 pixels across and 3500 pixels down (for wiggle room...and it's huge). I tried adjusting the canvas after starting, but I just confused myself.

Step 4: Printscreen from the top of your Web Layout Word version & paste
Use the "Prnt Scrn" button at the top right of your keyboard. Then paste to Gimp (either with the edit, paste command or simply Ctrl V )

Step 5: Cut out the useful part and paste higher
Use the little rectangle tool to first click outside of the part you just pasted, then select the part that does not have your browser and taskbar. Ctrl X to cut, Ctrl V to paste in the right spot.

Step 6: Repeat steps 4 & 5 for the length of your syllabus.

Step 7: Remove wiggle room
Change the canvas size to remove the extra pieces you'll have left at the bottom.

Step 8: Save as .png file
This will require you to export first, but don't worry about that.

Step 9: Voila!


  1. Seriously, that is just cool! If I were in High School I would consider participating just because the syllabus got my attention! Congratulations on a job well done!

  2. This is awesome! Any way you could share the word version or perhaps the Gimp version (not sure how that would work since haven't used Gimp yet)? I think getting the ititial shapes and all of that ready would be the most difficult part. I would love to have your "template" and replace the content with my own. Let me know on Twitter! @erindebell

  3. This is so cool! I'm stealing the idea for later. :)