04 May 2011

Power start: a good lesson off the top of my head

We started with "Poder corrumpe; poder absoluto corrumpe absolutamente." I took a quick poll of some of the quieter members of class about whether power corrupts saying "¿poder corrumpe?" or "¿cierto o falso?" or "si o no?" and following up with "¿todas personas?" or "¿A veces? ¿Depende?" That way they at least had to get some kind of idea what the topic was, with repetition and rephrasing--not English!

So then I had students write a journal: Cuando yo tenía poder, so students can not ONLY practicing the past tense, but ALSO making a personal connection with the subject to lead into dictators.

And THEN, I gave each a copy of this:

 I had them summarize what infografía was in 2 sentences in Spanish—an attempt at incorporating the story re-telling recommended by ye olde #langchat PLN, using an authentic text with context and everything!

And THEN? They wrote a number on post-its to answer “¿Cuántos dictadores hay en el mundo hispanohablante? (200 años)”

I had been considering a plátiza or giving them the actual infographic assignment today, but flying by the seat of my pants seemed to work a lot better.

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