21 February 2011

Racism resources

Sure, Black History Month will be all but over by the time I start the unit, but I really think I'd like to address racism in Spanish-speaking countries next. Maybe pick 4 or 5 to compare to the U.S. to see who is the most racist. I have a few resources I could start with already:

  • Afro-Latinos presentation I made a few years back (will have to check links, etc)
  • Some podcasts from an interview with a friend working in Argentina (if I can just find the part where he talked about people locking their doors when they saw him)
  • One of my new favorites: ChocQuibTown, their song "Prietos," and a recent interview where they revealed Colombia is still racist
  • Oo! Memin Pinguin stamps/comics! (anyone know where I can order some real ones--without breaking the bank?)
  • Me Llamo Celia by Monica Brown, a bilingual book I got this summer--plus a bunch of links on Celia Cruz (and of course, some music!)
  • Alice Walker's essay on Cuban equality "My Father's Country Is the Poor"? (cited/contradicted? in the powerpoint)
  • Jose Vilson. (also cited in powerpoint) Who is awesome. And has written cool things on Dominican and Dominican-American racism (could he be persuaded to Skype in??)
  • Excerpts from In the Time of the Butterflies? (movie or novel?)
  • A little Rigoberta Menchu?
  • Hairs/Pelitos by Sandra Cisneros? (to illustrate multiracialism) Or perhaps some other excerpt from Mango Street?
  • Cartas a Mi Mama by Teresa Cardenas--maybe even the whole thing?
  • "Sangre Americana" by Bacilos? (a little discussion on indigenous victims)
I know there's got to be more music I can use, and I'm pretty sure there are more movies out there. Anyone have any suggestions?

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