11 January 2011

The snow is spoiling my chicken

There are some things I would do differently about last Friday's field trip to El Caporal.  Right now, the first thing I would change is to have put the $30 worth of chicken in the freezer before the triple snow day hit.

Before the trip, days before, I should also have...
  • collected and checked off student money for purchases (receipts or no)
  • scouted out the market better to know ahead of time which items would not be available
  • assigned students to get the ingredients not available at the mercado
  • made a list that only included ingredients I was 100% sure they could find
  • assigned students to find actual prices--somewhere--for the items they needed for their recipes
  • arranged to borrow several flip cameras from other teachers so students could record too
  • finalized, printed, and copied grading rubrics
  • scouted out the kitchen so I knew where it was at least
  • arranged for back-up kitchens somehow
  • staged rehearsals?
  • kept possible questions simpler
On the trip, I should have...
  • made the students wear "no me hables en ingles, por favor" stickers, as I'd planned
  • designated a meeting place or at least a cart station for students to go when they found their items
  • established a time limit for collecting ingredients
  • allowed only those students who got their items to the carts under the time limit to purchase goodies of their own
  • designated at least 2 students from each class to try to record interactions on flip cameras (or their cell phones or personal cameras?)
  • taken my coat off so I would not feel so irritable
  • checked my (husband's) camera carefully to be sure it was still recording and not frozen
  • checked expiration dates!
After the trip, I should have...
  • had each student label their own items with the school name for placement in the refrigerator
  • had a designated spot in my classroom for the non-refrigerated items
  • had students sit by class in the Great Hall when we got back, so I could keep track of attendance
  • sent them to computers to start typing scripts
  • had grading rubrics ready to distribute
  • assigned a reflection journal, perhaps on questions they'd want to know how to ask for next time, what they actually said, heard, and/or observed
  • made sure I had a finalized list of the utensils they would need to begin ASAP
All in all, I would not say the trip was a failure, but it was definitely a trial run.

Now if we could just get back to school and start cooking before the semester!

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