17 January 2011

Cooking by numbers

1 oven, stove, microwave, refrigerator, table in the kitchen the district office let us use 3 bags/boxes of utensils lent for cooking show purposes
20 bags (give or take) of ingredients for both classes
2 days for students to cook and record themselves cooking for their cooking shows (180 minutes)
18 students in my first Spanish I class
9 different recipe groups in said Spanish I class
4 students out (presumably for MLK day) from 4 different groups
1.5 groups ready to cook today
8 students working on scripts and/or videos with me in the district office kitchen
6 students sent to Sr. V.'s computer lab to work on scripts
1 bowl left unwashed when I had to leave for...
2 after-school meetings
13 students in tomorrow's Spanish I class, who got...
75 extra minutes to prepare on Saturday (when we couldn't get the kitchen), wherein they watched...
5 example videos on YouTube before working on their scripts the remaining hour, so...
4 groups had better be ready tomorrow!!

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