30 June 2010

Top 10 Reasons an Education Is Better Than a Translator

1) An education is 100% portable: it does not rely on wifi accessibility, nor can it be crushed in your backpack.

2) How do you KNOW that's really what you meant to say?

3) Homonyms do not compute: "can" has only one meaning to a translator. Think about it.

4) Translators skip words they don't know, putting the Gettysburg Address 5 years before "I Have a Dream."

5) Translators mock you for not being able to spell: they leave your errors untranslated and let you think it's Spanish.

6) You can never truly be YOU if you don't know how to choose your own words.

7) Even if you got through a whole novel with just a translator, the experience is sure to induce comas.

8) You sound silly using "usted" with other teenagers.

9) Anyone you talk to with a translator will have to spell out what they say.

10) I don't care if it's not a person: if it did your homework for you, it's still cheating.